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woensdag, oktober 05, 2005

Yo. Vanaf nu ga ik alles wat niet met poëzie te maken heeft in gebroken Engels schrijven voor het RESISTANCE TO THE PRESENT weblog.


Anonymous said...

Rick Short Three Minutes
Posted by Stowe Boyd I recently met Rick Short in Atlanta, doing an AMA Blog conference.

Hey, I was searching for info on interrogation police video and found your blog...good job!

10:27 PM  
Anonymous said...

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10:27 PM  
Ruben van Gogh said...

Hm, yes hopely rest there then enough in propper Dutch about poetry. But Jeroen, you know that English and American scientsts laughs themselves weak about the english of Dutch scientests, so don't step there in.
Liked the Dracula-text though.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous said...

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